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Attention Landlords and Property Managers! Get Peace of Mind with Knightsbridge Property Check

The condition of a home or commercial unit, along with the activities of its tenants, directly affects its insurance rates. Within Vancouver, a property can be left unattended for as little as three days before potentially losing all coverage. Water damage, subletting, criminal activity... the list of problems that can occur within tenanted properties is extensive, and can quickly inflate insurance premiums and dig into a property manager’s time.

With Knightsbridge Property Check, our team can ensure that your property remains secure and damage-free. Managers and landlords alike are often encumbered by a lack of time and resources, which often leads to this essential service being left behind. Fortunately, our experienced real estate professionals are able to fill in these gaps, providing detailed reporting and ensuring that all residents are abiding by the rules.

By performing regular property checks, our team can address the following:

1. Lease Breach

Many rental properties throughout Vancouver are being sub-let, or used as AirBnBs. Without the proper authorization and approval, these activities are considered to be a breach of lease, and render insurance null as a result. Our inspectors have worked in the real estate and property services business for many years, and are trained to detect if such activities are occurring.

2. Criminal Activities

Just like lease breaches, we know how to look for signs of potential criminal activity so that it can be documented and reported immediately. In addition, our inspection records always provide recommendations that can be followed in order to ensure that no future incidents occur. Crime is a sad reality of living in any populated area, but, with the proper measures, its effect on your property can be negated.

3. Property Issues or Damage

Knightsbridge’s detailed checks run a full spectrum of visual and practical tests to ensure that the unit or commercial space is in full working order. While some issues, such as broken door locks, may be noticed immediately by your tenants, there are smaller, less visible problems that can easily bypass an untrained eye.

Water ingress, for example, is something that can cause considerable damage prior to being detected at all. Fortunately, we are trained to spot and report signs of these potentially devastating complications before they get any worse.

The sheer range of scenarios that can inflate or negate a property’s insurance premiums is considerable. By subscribing to Knightsbridge Property Check’s comprehensive reporting service, you can rest assured that your assets are secure. Each one of our visual inspections is followed up with a detailed report that includes photos, recommendations, and more. We are able to accommodate the needs of both landlords and property managers.

Give us a call today, and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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