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Meet Knightsbridge’s Own Squeegee Master – Linsey Ferguson!

Knightsbridge specialist Linsey Ferguson

Few members of the Knightsbridge team know how to boost morale quite like Linsey. Her positive attitude has helped the team through many long days, and her ability to train others on the art of restaurant exterior maintenance is almost unmatched. Although she formally started with the company in 2018, she has many years of previous experience in property maintenance, and truly enjoys the satisfaction she acquires from this line of work.

In addition to excelling in the field, Linsey is a dedicated gamer, and has been listed as the top Mario Kart Mobile player in the world. When she isn’t hanging out with friends or playing games, she likes to try out new hobbies, and recently got into weight lifting and balloon animal art.

Here is what she has to say about her experience at Knightsbridge:

What do you like most about working at Knightsbridge?

I like how you get introduced to many experiences that you wouldn’t get at a normal job. With lots of the jobs that are out there, you are given certain set tasks, and you basically just rinse and repeat. At Knightsbridge, there is always something new and exciting. For example, right now we are learning about the fundamentals of landscaping, which is an entirely new and interesting field for me.

What do you think would draw someone in to joining the team?

The pay is great, you get some good down-time between working hard, and you get to engage with really diverse tasks. In the morning, I will be doing exterior cleaning for restaurants, and then in the afternoon, the work will take us over to doing maintenance tasks at residential and strata buildings.

There are lots of good people here. I feel that everyone who is drawn to the team is awesome to work with, plus everyone is motivated to do an exceptional job, which is a good feeling.

Tell me what a day on the job looks like!

My morning starts with being picked up by my crew. The team I am on specializes in the restaurant exterior cleaning shifts, which are nice. These shifts take place earlier in the morning, before the restaurants open, which is nice because I can relax and focus on the work. After that, there is a bit of a lunch break where we find out where we will be going next. Once lunch is done, we head on over to service some strata complexes, in most cases.

Knightsbridge specialist cleaning restaurant exterior
Linsey on restaurant exterior cleaning duty

What is your favourite service that you perform and why?

I love to do awning cleanings specifically. It feels really relaxing to see something that gets dirty so easily, like an awning, get all cleaned up so that it looks nice and new. We practice safety rules by harnessing up and working on some high awnings so you get some nice vantage points. Lots of awnings are different, so you get a different experience every time -- it almost always feels like a new interesting challenge.

Pressure washing is also very satisfying. A lot of the concrete we work with is dirty and mossy, so I get to clean it up so that it looks great. There are lots of ways that you can clean and approach the work itself, and sometimes you have to adapt and find new ways to approach the job so that everything works out well. We work with a lot of different tools and products, so learning what works best for different jobs is always super interesting.

Tell me a funny story about a day in the life

I remember this one time we were clearing a gutter and we found a perfume bottle in the trough. It was sitting next to one of those ornamental owls made out of glass, basically a Christmas ornament. It looked like it would look good on the hood of a car, so we stuck it onto the front of one of the [Knightsbridge] vehicles for the day. It looked perfect on the front of the Nissan van and we had some laughs that we were driving the “owl-van”. Definitely a pretty funny moment.

We have some fun with our meetings too. In the morning, the team gets together, has some coffee, and we talk about new jobs and also look at possible concerns that the team may have. I really like that about Knightsbridge: the management really takes the time to listen to problems that the crew may have and makes sure they get fixed right away.

Working in the field can be tough - what keeps you motivated?

Honestly, knowing that you are working hard to achieve a goal with your team, I get lots of satisfaction out of that. Everybody is motivated to get the job completed and make the property look good, and by the time 4’clock rolls around we are happy to look back and be excited about what we got accomplished for the day.

Who do you give a shout out to on your team, and why?

I want to give a shout-out to Martin, our Operations Manager. He is like the rock of Knightsbridge. Martin is always working hard, making sure everything is getting taken care of. You can always reach him when you need information, which is awesome to see in a boss. Such a hard worker!

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