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Knightsbridge takes the safety of our staff and the public very seriously. Our company is registered and in good standing with WorkSafeBC.  We ensure that all our employees are properly trained and up to date on standard equipment and safety procedures, including First AidFall Protection, and Aerial Lift Operation.

Worksafe BC

Knightsbridge is formally recognized by Worksafe BC. We carry $5,000,000.00 in liability insurance and promote practices that ensure the safety of our staff. Our estimates and services are created with safety being a number one priority, and all staff must partake in a rigorous onboarding process that highlights this fact.


Fall Protection Trained

As part of our training regimen, new staff must acquire their fall protection certification prior to entering the field or stepping foot on any elevated platforms or rooftops. The principles taught within these programs are also integrated within our onboarding arrangements. Prior to embarking on any job that requires the use of fall protection, we perform routine equipment checks, and also utilize telescopic boom lifts whenever the possibility arises.


Certified Aerial Lift Operator

Not all of our work can be performed from the ground. Fortunately, our specialists are certified to operate telescopic aerial lifts. Our favorite is the 45 foot articulating Z Boom. These machines offer enough to reach for us to ascend tall buildings, and also enough maneuverability to navigate tight corners and laneways.


Certified First Aid

Despite all of our safety measures, accidents can still happen on the job site. Whether it is a stubbed thumb or twisted ankle, all types of maintenance work come with their hazards. Fortunately, we are equipped with state-of-the-art, WCB certified First Aid kits, as well as the staff who are trained to use them. While injuries can happen, we are prepared to deal with them promptly and skillfully.

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