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  • How Do I Request A Quote?
    We offer a variety of options for quote requests. You can reach out directly via our website, call us at 604-461-7684, or email us at:
  • What Should I Include On My Quote Request?
    In order for us to provide an estimate, we will, of course, need the site address, as well as your contact email or phone number. When sending a request, be mindful of the fact that we may need a contact or key in order to access certain areas.
  • What Is Your Turnaround Time For Quotes?
    Our team generally can provide quotes within 1-2 weeks of the initial request. We are responsive to urgent requests as well, however. If you know you need an estimate within a tight time frame, include that information on your initial request, and we will take care of everything for you.
  • Are You Recognized By WorkSafe?
    We always follow WorkSafe BC safety guidelines, and actively seek new ways to ensure our crews and clients remain safe. In addition, we are recognized by WCB and carry $5,000,000.00 in liability insurance.
  • What Is Your Policy Regarding Deficiencies?
    Despite the expertise of our crews, mistakes can still happen. If you note a deficiency with our service, we request that you let us know via phone or email within two weeks of the completion of the work. If you are concerned that your windows have been missed, we ask that you check to ensure the inside is not dirty, and also leave a piece of paper or other marking on the glass so that our crews know what to do when we re-visit.
  • How Do I Book A Job?
    After you provide us with written approval in the form of an email or letter, we will provide you with a date of service. If you have any specific time requests, let us know and we will do our best to integrate our schedule into yours.
  • Do You Work Evenings and Weekends?
    Although our office is only officially open from 7:30 Am – 3:30 Pm Monday through Friday, we have teams that can align their schedule with your needs. While our strata crews work during the day, our janitorial teams work at night.
  • Do You Offer Residential Cleaning Services?
    While it is not necessarily our area of focus, we do still offer our services to single residential homes. (We do not offer fountain maintenance services to single residential homes.)
  • How Do You Protect The Environment?
    The environment is simply an extension of our client’s property, so its protection is very high on our priority list. The Knightsbridge team uses eco-friendly detergents and solutions that are child and pet friendly. In highly sensitive ecological areas, such as strata that lie near salmon spawning streams, we make it our goal to eliminate detergent use by finding cleaning alternatives.
  • How Do I Join The Team?
    Knightsbridge is a rapidly growing company that is hiring around the clock. If you are interested, feel free to email at: For our strata team, we do prefer applicants with direct experience and a valid driver’s license, but can certainly make exceptions if the candidate is enthusiastic and eager to learn.
  • What Training Do You Offer?
    All new recruits take part in a rigorous training plan that emphasizes safety and a ‘customer-first’ attitude. In addition, we cover the costs of acquiring certifications such as fall protection and aerial platform operation.
  • Do You Do Repairs?
    Our team is skilled at a variety of gutter repairs, and can replace downspouts or seal cracks with ease. In addition, as of 2020, we now offer handyman services. These include fence and gate repairs, basic landscaping, painting, siding repairs, and much more.
  • What Makes Knightsbridge Unique?
    While we do not like to pump our own tires too often, we are proud of several things that set us apart from the competition. For one, we do not use subcontractors – the entirety of our exterior maintenance team is in-house. We also offer services that other companies simply do not touch. This includes pond and pool cleaning, specialized janitorial services, junk removal, and much more. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to customer service – you would be hard pressed to find another company who puts as much time and resources into going above and beyond for their clients as we do.
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