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Exterior Cleaning Specialist

Knightsbridge Property Services has cleaned over 1.4 million units of properties over the past 40 years across Vancouver Lower Mainland. Our one-stop-shop service package includes power washing, window cleaning, janitorial services, building washing, roof cleaning and moss treatment, dry vent cleaning, and pool and pond maintenance and more. We are looking for a full-time cleaning specialist to join our successful and expanding team.

Responsibilities and Duties

You will be trained by our team gradually with safety as a priority starting with short ladders working your way to tall ladders, boom lifts, and more advanced work. You will be paid by 8-hour day. You are fit, athletic, and have a great work ethic and teamwork skills. You are willing to work hard and are comfortable in working outdoors for extended hours. You will need your own waterproof jacket, pants and work boots. You also need a mobile phone and a data plan.


The following experiences will be considered as an asset:

  • Experience in power-washing and using ladders

  • Driver's license

  • Fall protection certificate

  • Boom-lift certificate


Resume; 3-month probation period


  • Extended medical benefits after probation

  • Various non-beneficial incentives and benefits

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $20 / hour to start

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"If you're looking for a job that involves being active and working outdoors, Knightsbridge is the perfect fit. Whether you prefer to work independently or as part of a team, there is a place for you here. The team members are all friendly and welcoming, and we make sure to have fun while getting the job done. It's important to feel comfortable in your work environment, and I've heard from many colleagues that KB has the best working environment they've experienced."

— Elliot, Staff Supervisor

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