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Janitorial Services

Knightsbridge is a multi-faceted organization that aspires to be a one-stop-shop. While our specialists take care of the outside of buildings, our janitorial team works hard to maintain the inside. Our capabilities in this regard are widespread, as our teams partake in anything from overnight restaurant cleaning services to carpet steam cleaning. We are proven leaders in the janitorial field, and only hire and train the best staff to engage with our customers. Unlike many cleaning companies, we provide our janitorial crew with excellent compensation and clearly defined work parameters.

If your restaurant, business, or strata requires a janitorial cleaning proposal, our team will perform a walkthrough and onboarding process that will ensure that no stone goes unturned (or uncleaned). These packages are comprehensive and designed to align with our client’s needs. Once the services commence, our supervisors are attentive and receptive to customer requirements or additions, and perform regular quality control visits.

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