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Pitt Meadows

Window Cleaning in Pitt Meadows

At its heart, Knightsbridge Property Services is a window cleaning business. We have had the opportunity to serve thousands of this city residents over the years, and always pride ourselves on a job well done.

From squeegee window cleaning to window cleaning with water-fed tucker poles, we offer several different options for our customers. Window cleaning is an art unto itself, and we always ensure that we have a robust team of artists on staff. The city offers gorgeous scenery, which, for many, is best viewed through freshly cleaned windows.

In addition to providing window cleaning services for strata complexes, we also have a successful division that specializes in window cleaning of commercial buildings. Restaurant patrons, shopping mall managers, and retail employees are just a few of the groups of people who get to enjoy the results of our window cleaning service. With the city property market constantly expanding, those looking to sell their homes contact us – few things make a home look more appealing than sparkling clean windows.

Safety is one of our biggest priorities, no matter the task on hand. Our property maintenance company is WCB certified, carries 5 million dollars in liability insurance, and always ensures that our staff is well trained in fall protection and first aid. In addition, our team is thoroughly trained in the arts of squeegee window cleaning as well as tucker pole window cleaning. Any new members of the Knightsbridge brigade must undergo a rigorous training program that has been constructed through decades of practice.

Both the strata and  commercial buildings in this city seeking a reliable and experienced window cleaning company should look no further – Knightsbridge Property Services is here to save the day – one pane at a time. Contact us today for a free estimate or evaluation!

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs in Pitt Meadows

Gutter cleaning and gutter repairs are two of the most important parts of maintaining any residence in the city. Without a reliable gutter cleaning company, you may find yourself dealing with serious damage to your home. While the trees in the city are beautiful to look at, the debris that they drop can lead to all manner of issues.

Fortunately, Knightsbridge Property Services is the gutter cleaning contractor that this city needs – and uses – in order to keep these systems cleared up. We are a safe and efficient gutter cleaning company that prides itself on professionalism and exceptional customer service. In addition to gutter cleaning, we also have a number of experienced technicians who can take care of gutter repairs. These gutter repairs include fixing cracks, adjusting downspouts, installing new gutter pieces, and more. Generally speaking, strata complex gutter cleaning should happen at least once per year. This generally depends on the number of trees that are in your area. Our gutter cleaning evaluations are tailored to suit the needs of your strata complex. When performing a site visit, our specialists always provide recommendations for our clients that align with the interests, budget, and location of that strata. If annual gutter cleaning and gutter repairs don’t suit your strata’s fiscal plan, we offer other long-term solutions, such as gutter basket installation, which helps prevent gutter clogs and blockages.

Gutter cleaning and gutter repairs are a vital part of property maintenance, and we work hard to make sure that this city’s residents receive the service that they deserve. We are WCB certified and practice safety measures including the use of boom lifts, scissor lifts, and fall protection systems. Learn more about how your strata or commercial building can benefit from gutter cleaning, contact us today.

Siding Cleaning in Pitt Meadows

Knightsbridge has been performing siding cleaning in the city for more years than we can count. The abundance of foliage in the area makes siding cleaning an instrumental part of any strata or commercial complex’s recurring maintenance. While trees can be quite lovely, they do contribute
towards unsightly mold and algae growing on all types of siding. When untreated, this build-up can cause property damage, which leads to slippery and unsightly surfaces.


Knightsbridge emphasizes the importance of siding cleaning on a regular basis and offers solutions for homeowners seeking to have their buildings washed. Our siding cleaning service is designed to match the needs of each property, and our team always works hard to ensure that our
clients are satisfied with the spotless appearance of their home or business. 


Most companies in the city that specialize in siding cleaning do not provide the same thorough service that the Knightsbridge team does. Since many of these projects can be quite large, we take extra time to perform walkthroughs with our customers so as to ensure that our siding cleaning procedures and standards are clearly communicated. We use state of the art siding cleaning equipment, and also perform hardy board cleaning, gutter face cleaning, and more. Water ingress is a major concern that we deal with regularly. If owners are concerned that this may result from our siding cleaning, we plan to ensure that this does not happen. These arrangements can include siding cleaning using brushes, siding cleaning using boom lifts, or siding cleaning by tucker pole. The Knightsbridge Property Services team works safely and efficiently while also taking into consideration of these potential hazards.

Eco-friendly siding cleaning and green-friendly siding cleaning products are our bread and butter (not literally). All of our siding cleaning services utilize environmentally conscientious products. These detergents are specially designed to preserve the integrity of all local wildlife, while also delivering a
phenomenal clean. Plants, pets, and children are all safe and sound when the Knightsbridge siding cleaning team comes to town.

We are excited to continue to offer premium and eco-friendly siding cleaning services to this city. Strata complexes, residences, and businesses all can benefit from a little clean. Not only does building washing make everything look nice and clean, but it also preserves property value.

Live in this city? Looking for a siding cleaning company that does things right? Contact us today, we are happy to work alongside you so as to make your property shine and the neighbors jealous.

Moss Removal in Pitt Meadows

If moss is growing on your roof, you may have a problem. Sure, moss growth can make your home look rustic, but, unfortunately enough, it can also lead to property damage and water ingress. Knightsbridge Property Services is able to make your moss problems seem like a thing of the past.
We use eco-friendly moss removal treatments that specifically target certain types of moss and algae growth. This makes the moss removal process eco-friendly and ensures that local wildlife, as well as pets and children, remain unharmed.

Depending on the arrangement of your city property, we offer two different methods of moss removal. The first involves a spray-on solution that acts over a period of several months, gradually dissolving the moss so that it can be carried away by the wind and rain. The second moss removal technique involves us spraying a fast-acting solution so that we can return shortly after in order to scrub away the dead and residual moss.

The Knightsbridge team is adept at moss removal in this city, and always make sure we leave properties looking better after we leave than when we started. Our property maintenance team has compiled decades of experience removing moss, and always look forwards to another successful summer of moss removal.

Parkade Cleaning in Pitt Meadows

Parkade cleaning service providers that do a good job, from estimate to completion report, are hard to come by. Many companies out there simply use pressure washers and untrained staff, churning out quotes and services without considering what their customers really need. Knightsbridge Property Services excels at being the exception to this rule – as a key provider of pressure washing and parkade cleaning services in this city, we practice extra caution, use the proper products, and always put quality ahead of quantity.

Our parkade cleaning service generally starts with applying detergents and de-greasers to all oil stains within your parkade. This is followed up with a thorough scrub using wire brushes. This method of parkade cleaning has proven time and time again to be beneficial to strata inthis city and ensures that all unsightly stains are cleaned up. After this step, we will flush the parkade grounds using pressure washers, machines, and other water-fed tools.

Pitt Meadows is a city that experiences great fluctuations with each season. This leads to different types of dust, dirt, and debris being carried right into parkades. From salt in the Winter season to mud in the Spring, there is no shortage of mess to be tracked in on your tires. Luckily enough, our parkade cleaning specialists are prepared to deal with any and all uncleanliness that affects your strata or commercial building’s parkade.

From quote to completion, Knightsbridge Property Services is a premium provider of parkade cleaning services in this city. Contact us today for a free estimate and evaluation of your parkade.

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