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Okanagan Valley

Our second location is primed to provide the cities of Kelowna, Vernon, Peachland, and Penticton with the excellent service that has made us a household name throughout the Lower Mainland. As the Okanagan Valley’s urban spaces expand, the need for a reliable team to service the area’s strata and commercial properties is more urgent than ever. We are ready to fill that gap. 

Valley Expertise

Strata Maintenance


The Okanagan Valley has a reputation for drastic weather changes. These dramatic transformations exacerbate the degradation of properties (and their value) when specific maintenance procedures are not followed. Knightsbridge offers client-specific programs that are intended to combat the growth of algae, dripping gutters, moss accumulation, and more. We use state-of-the-art tools and training to not only service your strata, but also provide recommendations and reports of issues or deficiencies that we may find.


Restaurants & Recreation


When the time comes for wineries and country clubs to open their doors in the warm Summer months, presentation can be essential to attract guests. Keeping this in mind, our restaurant crews are prepared to clean and maintain the Valley’s signature attractions to the highest standard possible. The attention to detail that we practice with our high-end restaurant clients’ facilities in Vancouver will ensure that wineries are prepared for opening day, and maintained throughout the dry, dusty Summer.

Services Covered


The Okanagan Valley is known for its hot summers and chilly winters, with temperature extremes hammering home the importance of following maintenance protocols. Knightsbridge's team is equipped and trained to provide a variety of services throughout the year that align with these seasonal changes. Our maintenance packages are 'full-scope' for a reason - we will be on site when autumn leaves clog your gutters, when moss takes over your rooftop, and when snow blockades your driveway. Every site visit comes with in-depth reporting measures, quotes, and general recommendations. Services in our maintenance package include:

  • Gutter cleaning and repair

  • Moss removal

  • Window and siding cleaning

  • Parkade cleaning

  • Pressure washing

  • Roof drain maintenance

  • Pond cleaning

  • Winterization

  • Snow removal and de-icing

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