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Tough Job, Tougher Times: How Knightsbridge Has Been Working To Help Our Community During the COVID

As a company that has been servicing the Lower Mainland for over thirty years, Knightsbridge Property Services has established within the community as a friendly and conscientious neighbor. We have an ‘open door’ policy at our warehouse, are happy to show visitors around, and also strive to overachieve when it comes to providing great customer service. One of the most important aspects of being a part of the community revolves around the fact that it should be a two-way street –after all, part of the reason that we have been around for so long is that we are supported by the neighborhoods and people around us. With that being the case, our management team is constantly seeking new, innovative ways that we can get more involved, and give back to, the areas which we serve. Here is what we have been working on:

Food Drives

Aside from cleaning buildings and preserving property value, we provide services to our community in a more traditional way as well – by offering a helping hand to those who need it most. Recently, we have partnered with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, and have integrated food drives into our regular strata services. The way it works is simple. Prior to servicing a strata complex, we will distribute written notices indicating dates and times where we will be picking up non-perishable food items. From there, all residents have to do is leave their care packages outside. Once we have gathered everything together, we will donate everything in the strata’s name. This way, we do all the leg-work, but you are ultimately the donor!

Neighborly Pricing

While we do service the entirety of the Lower Mainland, we do try to optimize doing work that is close to home IE our Port Coquitlam office. Snow removal, for example, is a service that we localize to the tri-cities for several reasons. In keeping with our ‘community first’ mentality, we offer strata and commercial buildings in our area significant discounts on quoted services. If a neighbor is interested in our offerings, we always make a point to arrange an in-person meeting so that we can discuss how to optimize the service at a discounted price. Because of these initiatives, we have been servicing a number of strata in Coquitlam for well over twenty years, and ensure that their gutters, ponds, and siding are taken care of on a recurring basis (at a wicked price).

Training for Excellence

Establishing a friendly and welcoming mentality among our field specialists is something that we take immense pride in. Hardly a day goes by where our staff will not be approached by strata council members, residents, and curious bystanders. We encourage staff to engage with these individuals in a positive manner, no matter the situation. In the event that someone requests an extra ‘on-the-fly’ service that was not included in our initial quote, we encourage our crews to offer it at no charge. This little bit of kindness can go a long way, and we frequently receive praise for our team’s honorable efforts. We take this part of our operation so seriously that an entire portion of our training and onboarding revolves around providing excellent customer service. Our mandate is to produce a company culture that is inclusive so that we can continue to give back to our neighbors. After all, nobody wants a contractor on-site who isn’t willing to take the time of day to offer a friendly ‘hello’.

Customized Services

Treating our clients as, well, business clients, is something that every enterprise has to do to maintain relationships. At Knightsbridge, we take things beyond that by treating every customer as an individual entity that deserves our utmost attention. In keeping with this philosophy, we offer our preferred clients customized packages called Strata Annual Maintenance (SAM) programs. These programs essentially make Knightsbridge a one-stop-shop for strata and commercial buildings. By subscribing to such a non-binding agreement, our clients receive a multitude of options that are tailor-made to suit their maintenance needs. Our SAM proposals cover the interior and exterior of buildings and can offer anything ranging from regular caretaking and janitorial services to dryer vent cleaning and snow removal. The SAM program is yet another way that we interact and establish ties with, the community around us.

With decades of maintenance work behind us, Knightsbridge Property Services has established itself not only as a resilient and professional cleaning company but also an organization that works hard behind the scenes to help our city grow and thrive. As mentioned above, our office and warehouse practice an ‘open door’ policy. If you want to organize a Food Drive with us, learn about our services, or simply meet the team, don’t hesitate to stop by (2110 – 580 Seaborne Ave, coffee is on us).

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