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Architectural water features, including fountains and water walls, are a popular part of many strata and other residential and commercial properties in the Lower Mainland. These water features aren’t just decorative pieces – they act as
community hubs that bring value to the spaces they occupy.

In order to keep these structures running in a fashion that minimizes costs, preserves aesthetic appeal, and keeps residents safe, these fixtures require post-installation care and regular maintenance. Proper upkeep can prevent a broad range of issues including expensive repairs and bacterial outbreaks. 

To this end, our Fountain Maintenance team is equipped to perform a range of custom services, including:

Starting in 2021, the City of Vancouver has released a series of rules and regulations pertaining to the cleanliness and upkeep of all decorative water features. These measures are intended to alleviate outbreaks of Legionnaires disease, a potentially deadly sickness caused by Legionella bacteria. Knightsbridge’s team is well-versed in best practices, and carry all of the tools and resources needed to abide by the regulations, and keep your community safe.


We understand that every water feature is unique and has its own particular maintenance needs; our specialists coordinate with the designers of your property's water feature to ensure our service offering aligns with the project’s specific service requirements.


Knightsbridge is not a mechanical trade nor plumbing company. That being said, decades of industry experience have provided us with professional connections that can be exercised to your water feature’s benefit. If there is a problem that we can’t fix, we will direct you to the team who can.


Our Fountain Maintenance services extend to commercial, multi-use, and multi-residential buildings only (this does not include single residential homes.)

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