Architectural water features like fountains and water walls are a popular part of many strata and other residential and commercial properties in the Lower Mainland. Just like any other feature of a building or site, they require important post-installation care and regular maintenance. Proper  upkeep can alleviate or prevent a host of issues, from mechanical malfunctions to legitimate public hazards.

To this end, our Fountain Maintenance team is equipped to perform a range of custom services, including:

  • regular service checks

  • surface cleaning

  • preventative maintenance

  • winterization

  • powerwashing

  • in-depth cleaning

  • safety report write-ups  

We understand that every water feature is unique and has its own particular maintenance needs; our specialists coordinate with the designers of your property's water feature to ensure our service offering aligns with the project’s specific service requirements.

Our Fountain Maintenance services extend to commercial, multi-use, and multi-residential buildings only (this does not include single residential homes.)

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