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Water Feature Cleaning: One Premium Service, Many Outstanding Results

Water features are among the most beloved of architectural pieces. Aside from being visually appealing, they act as important landmarks and focal points for strata, city centres, universities, and more. They are undeniably important, and, understandably, can also be quite expensive to design and install.

It goes without saying that properties that invest in building these structures should also invest in their maintenance and upkeep. Knightsbridge Property Services specifically has a division that handles such work. If you live near any water feature in the Lower Mainland, there’s a good chance that you will have seen our team working away to clear leaves, write system reports, and more.

While recurring check-ups may take care of minor mechanical issues, or drains clogged with leaves, the most essential service for any water feature only happens once per year. This service will not only ensure that the project is fully operational for another 365 days, but also acts as a make-over for the fountain, cleaning it and preparing it to continue to weather the notorious Vancouver elements.

What Is It?

Knightsbridge is one of the only companies in British Columbia that offers pressure washing services for fountains and ponds. Using our tools and techniques, algae-clad eyesores can be reinvigorated back to the works of art that they truly are. We have been cleaning these structures for over two decades, and have developed methodologies that can be applied to the unique components that constitute each feature.

How Is It Done?

Every water feature comes with its own unique challenge and set of cleaning requirements. The amount of debris that we have to remove can significantly impact how our specialists tackle their work, as can the age of the project. We generally start the proceedings by ensuring the pond is drained several days in advance of our visit – since the service generally occurs in the hot summer months, this gives the algae, silt, weeds, and other accumulated detritus enough time to thoroughly dry out in the sun.

Once the drying process is complete, Knightsbridge uses specialized pumps in order to clean out all residual water. While most of this water will be pumped into storm drains, we first check to determine if it has been chemically treated. If treatment has been a regular part of the feature’s maintenance routine, we divert the water into areas where it will not harm the local ecosystem.

With the water cleared away, the cleaning process begins. Our crew uses a variety of tools to systematically wash every section of the pond, including any rocks and concrete, as well as the membrane itself. Due diligence is paid to ensure that just enough pressure is used to prevent any damage. Any metal fixtures or art pieces are meticulously scrubbed using eco-friendly detergents, low pressure spray, and special brushes. The last step before filling the pond: a flush of all freshly cleaned areas.

Now that the clean has wrapped up, the feature can be re-filled for all to enjoy.

Why Is This A Good Idea?

A clean and presentable water feature draws people in, puts their mind at ease, and serves as a spot for contemplation and relaxation. If that fact alone does not persuade you to consider a clean, do remember that unattended build-up of algae and debris can wreak havoc on the feature’s mechanical systems, potentially leading to expensive repairs or even total shut-down.

Another consideration is safety. Many of our services include the cleaning of areas around the water feature. Mold and algae typically grow with ease in these spots, presenting a slipping hazard. Fortunately, a turbo pressure wash is more than enough to push back the scum for the seasons to come.

Virtually any outdoor decorative water feature can benefit from the skilled touch of our technicians. While regular maintenance checks are important, a full-scope clean serves the dual purpose of preventative maintenance and aesthetic transformation. If your property is in dire need of this premium service, give us a call or an email: all estimates and advice come free of charge.

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