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Restaurants & Rec: Commercial Exterior Maintenance in the Okanagan Valley

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From April through September, the Okanagan Valley has a reputation for being one of Canada’s main hubs of relaxation and leisure. The region boasts hundreds of wineries, cideries, and distilleries, as well as an impressive roster of world class restaurants, golf courses, and resorts. For these reasons, and many more, British Columbians and tourists from far and wide set their sights to vacation or even retire in this illustrious area.

In addition to producing fine wines and cuisine, these establishments use their appearances to draw in adventurous connoisseurs. To some, a building’s exterior can be as large a magnet as any wine list. As such, it is important that recreational businesses maintain clean and aesthetically pleasing building envelopes. No matter if the building is an ornate glass structure or a simple log cabin, presentation is key to attracting clients.

With hundreds of recreational facilities in the area, there is great demand for reliable contractors to look after them. Knightsbridge Property Services is ready to step up with the launch of our new Okanagan Valley division, set to launch in 2021. In Vancouver, we have spent years perfecting the right formula for high-end commercial exterior maintenance. Now, we are ready to provide the Valley’s restaurants and recreational businesses with the service that they deserve:

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The seasonality of this region makes it essential that every moment of the busy Spring and Summer months is used to attract business. Opening day is no exception. After a long and wet winter, most properties become covered with dirt and debris. Windows will be streaky, and patios will be slick with algae. Not a pretty sight.

Knightsbridge’s team offers an exceptionally detailed and personalized service that caters to facilities that are preparing for their grand opening. These ‘spring cleaning’ packages ensure that the entire building exterior receives the tender loving care it needs to start the season off right.

Spring cleaning starts from the ground-up. The team will generally begin with a controlled pressure wash of all ground level concrete and metal surfaces. This will be followed by a ‘soft’ wash of the buildings themselves, using eco-friendly detergents, brushes, and low-pressure spray. If moss has built up, we will be sure to treat it with a premium solution. Last, but not least, we use hand-held squeegees and tucker brushes to clean all glass inside and out. Filtration systems are used to prevent streaks, and we always perform a final quality check with our client to make sure everything is perfect.

restaurant window cleaning


Subscribing to an ongoing service ensures that the building is kept glowing and presentable throughout its busiest season. We work with your schedule to provide window cleaning, pressure washing, or any other maintenance that must be done on a recurring basis. If the wind happens to blow dust all over your exterior glass, let us know, as we operate as an on-call enterprise as well.

In Vancouver, our ongoing service has been picked up by a variety of high-end casual dining establishments. Our crews have dealt with Cactus Club locations, Tap and Barrel restaurants, and Boathouses of all shapes and sizes. This diverse portfolio allows our crews to learn how to excel– and thrive –in a variety of exterior cleaning activities.

Knightsbridge Property Services has spent years perfecting a winning formula for luxury commercial building cleans. Now, it is time that these techniques and penchant for customer service make their way up to the Okanagan Valley.

Should your restaurant, golf course, or winery be interested in discussing what our service can offer, do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

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