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The Dangers Of Neglect: Water Feature Maintenance (And Why It Is Essential)

Water features are becoming an increasingly frequent sight in the Lower Mainland

In the sprawling concrete jungle, more and more urban, residential, and commercial developers alike are including water features -- fountains, reflecting pools, interactive jets -- in their design plans. These features offer beauty, calm, and respite -- and just like any other feature of a building or site, they require important post-installation care and regular maintenance. Proper fountain upkeep can alleviate or even prevent a host of issues, from mechanical malfunctions to legitimate public hazards.

As the popularity of water features in the Lower Mainland grows, so Knightsbridge is expanding our maintenance division to meet these growing demands and better serve our community. Our Fountain Maintenance team is equipped to perform a range of custom services, including regular service checks and surface cleaning, preventative maintenance, winterization, powerwashing and in-depth cleaning, and safety report write-ups. An added perk of our customizable packages is that our specialists coordinate with the designers of the water features to ensure our service offering aligns with the project’s specific service requirements.

Here are but a few reasons why developers and property managers should consider having regular maintenance checks performed on the water features they oversee:

1. Avoid Costly Repairs: Contracting a professional water feature care provider is a relatively low-cost task that can save large sums of money in the future. An expert’s regular check-ups will ensure functionality of the electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the exterior membrane. Their insights and walk-arounds are extremely valuable, and come at a fraction of the cost in comparison to the replacement of essential components.

2. Maintain Aesthetics: The majority of architectural water features are intended to form focal points of the properties that they occupy. Many commercial and residential buildings are intrinsically defined by their features, which often serve as a tool to attract prospective customers or home-owners.

As this is the case, it is essential that they are properly maintained. Few things deter the general public quite like an overlooked water feature that is rife with algae growth. Recurring maintenance providers can ensure that chemicals are balanced, electrical systems remain functional, and so much more. These seemingly disparate tasks all accumulate towards ensuring that none of the aesthetic appeal of the water feature is lost.

Algae growth in pool feature

3. Safety: Any public or operator safety factors that may have gone into a water feature's creation are not always guaranteed when the water feature is neglected. Failing to replace UV bulbs can lead to bacterial growth, which can harm those who choose to run their fingers through the water. Slippery mold accumulation is a serious hazard to pedestrians. In certain scenarios, the water feature itself can be in danger, as thieves may find opportunities to steal components that are not properly secured.

Once again, regular check-ups can help prevent any major issues from occurring. Water feature care experts can pinpoint potential risks and minimize dangers. Additionally, if they are assisting with the winterization or annual cleaning of the project, extra precautions can be put into place to alleviate the risk of theft.

Architectural water features are a large part of what makes our cities such enjoyable places to live and work. All features are unique, and some may require more regular maintenance than others. Hiring a recurring maintenance contractor like Knightsbridge can help minimize damage and safety risks, while extending longevity and aesthetic appeal. Contact us to find out how our Fountain Maintenance team can work with you to keep your property’s water feature going with the flow.

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