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Case Study: A Gutter Cleaning and Janitorial Services Success Story at Strawberry Hills Surrey.

Type of building: Four-story low rise.

Services: Gutter Cleaning, Janitorial and Handyman Services

I'm Tom Miller. I'm a Strata Council for Strawberry Hills in Surrey.

I'd like to discuss our experience with Knightsbridge and some of the chores that we have had them do for a while.

Our Strata Council had looked for some people or some business that could handle the handyman work and some of the outside repair work that we needed done. And it wasn't until we were recommended by a property management company to try Knightsbridge that we found some success.

We've had a number of jobs done. We had the gutters cleaned - a big job -, and we let that job go a couple of years too long, it took a lot of time to do. But we were quite impressed with the job and how clean the gutters are and how free flowing now that the water leaves the roof and goes down the gutter system.

The other work that we had done was that we had some problems with wild animals in the perimeter of the building, and we had a company come in and fence off some of the area underneath the overhang units. And then Knightbridge, we had them build around the perimeter some six two by sixes that would prevent the animals from jumping in and under the building. They did an excellent job.

We look forward in the fall to having the windows cleaned and that's a big job. We didn't have any way of doing that before, but now we know that Knightsbridge has the facilities and the people to do that.

One thing I'd like to talk about is the workforce. Everyone that came was so efficient and effective. Courtesy a wonderful crew to work with. They got to the task, they completed the task, and I think they did an exceptional job.

I would have no qualms at any time recommending Knightsbridge to you. If you have a condo or a building or a property that you need some outside work or some janitorial work. All of our experiences have been wonderful and all I can say is thank you. You've done a great job for us.

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