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Meet Victor, Knightsbridge's Customer Success Manager

1. What do you enjoy most about working at Knightsbridge Property Services?

There are a couple of things I really enjoy about working at Knightsbridge. First of all, my team is awesome. We have a great time working together, and that makes a big difference. Also, I love the feeling of solving tricky situations and achieving the results we've planned for. It's really satisfying when everything comes together!

2. What processes do Knightsbridge have to ensure customer satisfaction?

We have a few processes in place to make sure our customers are happy. First off, we make sure to set the right expectations from the beginning. We've got a systematic approach to providing quotes and we keep all the client data and photos organized.

We also stay in touch with our clients throughout the project, sending them before-and-after photos and job reports to keep them updated. If we need to go back for any reason, we even let the clients collect feedback from the residents. We work closely with strata councils and property managers to keep everyone in the loop. And hey, when we're on-site, we go the extra mile by providing extra services and insights about the building. We really want to make sure our customers are satisfied!

3. How does your background in facility management help you succeed in your Customer Success Manager role at Knightsbridge?

My previous experience in facility management has been super helpful in my role as a Customer Success Manager at Knightsbridge. You see, our main goal is to provide a better environment for our customers. My background has given me the tools to understand their needs and coordinate everything accordingly. Plus, I've got good communication skills, so I can always make sure the customers are happy with our work.

4. Is there a typical day at work for you?

A typical day at Knightsbridge is pretty dynamic. We do a lot of communication throughout the day. We make sure to discuss our job scope with the staff to make sure we don't miss anything. We also stay in constant touch with our clients, helping them out as much as we can and making sure they're happy. And you know what? Our team has great communication and we get along really well, so it's actually a lot of fun working here!

5. What do you like to do when you are not at work?

When I'm not at work, I love being outdoors. I enjoy going for walks and bike rides. Lately, I've even started trying boulder climbing, which has been a lot of fun! It's nice to have some time for myself and engage in activities that help me relax and stay active.

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