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Clean Surfaces = Happy Residents: What Makes Pressure Washing So Essential?

When one hears the word ‘cleaning’, the first imagery that pops to mind likely revolves around mops, buckets, and broomsticks. For most people, a gas-powered machine spurting jets of water at 4500 PSIs is far down their imaginary list. Those people likely aren’t part of Knightsbridge’s professional pressure washing crew.

While it is easy to overlook in the context of cleaning, pressure washing is an essential service that every property needs. It has been a core component of Knightsbridge’s service offering for decades, and for good reason: regular pressure washing benefits all reachable surfaces. It preserves a property’s value, and, most importantly, helps protect homeowners from injury.

If you are on the fence whether or not your property requires pressure washing services, consider the following:

Our Homes Are Bombarded

What do rain, dust, smoke, pollution, chemicals, wind, animal droppings, pollen, spores, composting leaves, and bugs all have in common? They love to assault your property throughout the year. The toll that these combined forces have on horizontal surfaces is palatable.

If you wonder why your sidewalks turn black every few years, it is due to the bombardments that they face every single day. Pressure washing isn’t going to stop these occurrences, but it will remove their effects. Think about it next time you take a stroll around your strata’s common area.

Appearance is Everything

Like it or not, when it comes to properties, appearance is everything. This mantra is particularly applicable for people who aim to sell their home, or for strata seeking new occupants. People are more drawn to properties that offer a cleanly visual experience – something that literally starts from the ground up. Grimy concrete, slippery stairs, and dusty aggregate are immediate red flags for prospective buyers and may even deter your houseguests. Pressure washers can revert horizontal surfaces back to pristine condition, allowing you to appreciate your home once again.

Safety First

Slip-and-falls are among the most common type of injuries within strata complexes. These unfortunate events are made more common when the ground level becomes saturated with muck. Even failing to have a regular clean and pressure wash of your railings can have detrimental effects, as slippery banisters do no favours for catching or preventing falls.

As if falling wasn’t enough, unwashed surfaces can also lead to the accumulation of harmful mold, mildew, and spores. The removal of these dark patches will prevent you, your family, and your pets from becoming sick, and will also be a lifesaver for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies.

Maintenance Saves Money

If we haven’t convinced you to add pressure washing to your annual itinerary, well, that is okay.

Strata and commercial properties frequently operate on tight budgets, and there are often maintenance sacrifices that must be made.

That being said, pressure washing shouldn’t be ignored year-after-year. If neglected too long, it is guaranteed that the lack of recurring maintenance will lead to exponentially costlier repairs. Accumulated muck will eat away at concrete over time, causing cracks and leaks. Painted surfaces that are carefully pressure washed on an annual basis retain their coats much longer. Believe us, the list goes on.

Leave It To The Professionals

While it may be tempting to try to rev up a pressure washer yourself, this isn’t always the best option for common areas. Should there be an injury on site, contractors are bonded and insured – which is coverage that most individuals won’t have. An additional concern revolves around the fact that pressure washers produce a lot of water. If the proper precautions aren’t taken by professionals, surface cleaning can quickly escalate into flooded garden beds and basements.

Clean Everything!

It is genuinely surprising what parts your property can benefit from some pressure washing TLC. Fences, railings, playground equipment, water fountains, patios, retaining walls, the list goes on. In our forty years of service, Knightsbridge has cleaned it all. We are equipped to handle a variety of cleaning challenges, and can use a combination of adjustable pressure settings and detergents to clean almost any surface.

When constructing your property’s cleaning schedule, don’t neglect pressure washing. Clean surfaces save time and money and prevent all types of injuries.

Although most strata consider Knightsbridge’s services for the Spring and Summer, this type of preventative maintenance can be done year-round. Treat your property right and give us a call for a free quote!

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