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Knightsbridge’s Greater Vancouver Food Bank Program - Our Job, Your Donation!

Knightsbridge is an organization that is proud to give back to our community in meaningful ways. These goals are furthered by our partnerships with various stakeholders such as The Greater Vancouver Food Bank. By collaborating with this highly esteemed organization, we make it our aim to help those less fortunate while collaborating in tandem with our strata and property manager clients.

How Does It Work?

1. The strata complex must first accept and book one of our exterior maintenance services. This is required to help spread awareness of the program among the residents.

2. Prior to the service date(s), we will distribute notices indicating specific times when we will be accepting Food Bank donations. These notices will be posted in communal areas such as clubhouses or mailboxes, and may also be handed out to individual owners.

3. Residents who are interested in contributing must put their donations of non-perishable food items out on their front step for pick-up by one of our crew members. Cash is accepted as well, but must be handed over to our staff so that we can pay the charity directly.

4. Once all donations are collected, we will donate on your behalf to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and make sure we take some nice photos of all donations that have piled up.

Giving back to those who need it most is simple! By following the aforementioned formula, we have hosted successful food drives on a number of occasions. Putting the ‘Knights’ in Knightsbridge is an understated part of our business model, as we continue to aspire to a chivalrous high standard that emboldens the community around us.

Interested? Give us a call, and we can put together a collaboration plan.

Want to share your support? You can donate to our official account here.

Thank you in advance!

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