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Knightsbridge Are Vancouver's Pond Cleaning Experts

Our team is one of the only specialists in the Lower Mainland with experience cleaning strata water features. We are currently offering discounted estimates for clients who are booking this service in 2019!

@Wyatt Andersen, Operations Manager, August 2019

Whether acting as a phenomenal place to relax or serving as a tempting attraction to new buyers, ponds and water features are important and desirable components of many strata. Just like any luxury feature, they do come with a price. 

It is estimated that strata throughout the Lower Mainland spend cumulative millions to keep their ponds up and running. This can involve maintenance fees associated with fixing pumps, or the costs tied to having a caretaker present on site.

Despite investing these funds, many of these ponds will end up stagnating. Thanks for the presence of greenery or aquatic life, they will develop algae growth that will inevitably turn the water opaque and murky. 

Fortunately, Knightsbridge Property Services is on-site to save the day. Since 1982, our team has been proud to be one of the only companies in British Columbia that specialize in pond cleaning.

Using our specialized equipment and talented crew, we are able to transform these aquatic fixtures, turning muddy and uninviting water into clear and aesthetically pleasing places of relaxation.

If you or one of your properties has a pond or water fixture in need of a clean, then don’t hesitate to reach out to the Knightsbridge team! Our staff are trained to preserve the integrity of the fixtures, and we work in an efficient manner that minimizes any disruption to residents.

Reach us @ 604-634-3613 or

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