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Spring-Cleaning: Five Services That Will Chase Away Your Properties’ Winter Blues

Spring is an incredible time of year. After the cold and wet winter, we all breathe a collective sigh of relief and begin to venture outdoors. For many of us, this sensation of new beginnings is carried over to the buildings that we occupy. Sometimes, months of being cooped up can make us forget the importance of maintaining our homes and businesses - both inside and out.

Fortunately, Knightsbridge offers a range of Spring-Cleaning services that will ensure that your strata, home, or office is clean and well-prepared for Spring, Summer, and beyond. A seamless seasonal transition all starts with the touch of our professional cleaning team.

Here are some of the services that you may want to consider this season:

Junk Removal

Downsizing your items (let’s call it junk, shall we?) is never a bad thing. Removing some of the unnecessary clutter in your home will help ease mental stress and start the season off on the right foot. Knightsbridge is equipped with a fleet of large vehicles, a team of strong staff, and a desire to make your cleanliness dreams come true.

Whether you choose to coordinate a ‘junk drive’ with your neighbours, or simply want to give us a one-off call, we are ready to tackle the job.

Carpet Cleaning

No matter if it is located in a lobby, office space, or waiting room, few things are less appealing than an unkempt carpet. Sadly, winter conditions lead to these areas becoming saturated with mud, leaves, de-icer, and other debris.

Regardless of condition, we are able to use quality products and techniques that are guaranteed to bring your carpet back to life.We are armed with machine shampoos, clear water rinse extractions, and many more futuristic-sounding tools that get the job done.

Floor Renewal

The majority of afflictions that compromise carpets also wreak havoc on hard surfaces. This is where our roto-wash service shines (quite literally). Roto-wash machines are the perfect devices for cleaning accumulated dirt from flooring, tiles, and grout. They use water jets in conjunction with microfiber pads, and leave only shiny surfaces in their wake.

Renewal doesn’t only include roto-cleaning. Once that process is complete, our team takes things to a new level by stripping and waxing the floor. We use three wax coatings in conjunction with a hot water rinse to ensure your building enters the Springtime looking shiny and beautiful.

Water Feature Maintenance

Decorative fountains, waterfalls, and reflecting pools define the properties around them, and act as places of relaxation for residents and visitors. Sadly, these magnificent creations often go overlooked during Spring Cleaning. Not to worry – the accumulated algae, mold, and dirt that has beset your water feature is no match for our trusted team.

At Knightsbridge, we live and breathe water feature maintenance, and provide many of our strata clients with recurring cleaning services. These include annual pressure washing, chemical balancing, winterization services, legionella testing, and much more.

Glass Cleaning

Last, but not least, we come to one of the most coveted of our Spring Cleaning services – glass cleaning. It can be difficult to appreciate sunny weather through a sheen of dirt, which is part of what makes glass cleaning so essential. Our staff are trained in the art of the tucker pole and the squeegee and are guaranteed to bring clarity to any vertical glass surface.

Jumping into the Spring season with a dirty property may lead to a case of the Winter blues. Dodge this seasonal dilemma by letting Knightsbridge work our magic. From parking garage to roof apex, we offer a service that can mend, clean, and improve.

Our quotes are free, so feel free to reach out whenever you please.

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