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What Is Stream-Cleaning? Three Techniques Guaranteed To Tackle Any Window Cleaning Challenge

There are two simple facts in life:

1.Sunshine is always better through clean windows.

2. Dirty windows are an absolute mood-killer.

Although we may not always take time to appreciate them, windows are pretty important. They act as viewports into the outside world, permit fresh air into stuffy rooms, and can even serve as handy fire escapes, should the situation arise. Since they are so vital to our well-being – why not take care of them?

This care starts with cleanliness, which is Knightsbridge’s specialty. For decades, we have been perfecting a variety of techniques that guarantee squeaky clean glass surfaces. By providing our team with comprehensive training surrounding each of these techniques, we are able to tackle a broad range of glass-related challenges.

While there are some cleaning secrets that we keep under lock and key, there are some that the inquisitive deserve to know. Here are the three glass cleaning techniques that have helped grow Knightsbridge into a household name:


These long poles equipped with brushes on their ends aren’t for sweeping the floor, but instead act as tools that our cleaners can use to clean glass that lies far out of reach. When fully extended our tucker poles can reach vertical heights of 45’, a distance that makes balancing difficult without the right training.

How do they work? Well, the bristles of the brushes couples with jets of water to create a thorough scrub that leaves clean windows in its wake. Contrary to popular belief, tucker pole cleaning does not require or use detergents of any kind. Since certain regions do have ‘hard water’ coming from their taps, we do occasionally affix our poles with filtration systems that are designed to alleviate any streaks or marks left by residual minerals.

As you can see above, they are very versatile, and can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including patio umbrellas, balcony edges, and more.


Squeegees are the PB & J sandwiches of the window cleaning world – classic and reliable. By using a hand-held tool and bucket of soapy water, Knightsbridge’s staff makes miracles happen. Beneath the surface, squeegee cleaning is a delicate art that can take months of training in order to properly master. The dexterity that lies behind adequately squeegeeing a piece is glass is surprising, to say the least.

In the past, squeegeeing used to be the dominant method of window cleaning. Today, safety regulations have largely restricted its usage to areas no higher than ten feet. This reinforces squeegeeing as the dominant method of glass cleaning in commercial areas, such as restaurants and storefronts.

You may catch some members of Knightsbridge’s squeegee division hard at work cleaning patio glass, doors, or windows, at your favourite waterfront dining establishment!


Occasionally, we will stumble across a window cleaning project where the former two techniques simply won’t cut it. The windows may be too dirty, totally unreachable, or simply too large to be adequately cleaned with a tucker pole. In these situations, we whip out our secret weapon, stream-cleaning.

This technique involves using pressure washers with low-volume settings in order to apply an eco-friendly detergent to the glass. Once this detergent has settled in, a quick rinse reveals the squeaky-clean surfaces beneath. Through this unconventional style of glass cleaning, we are able to tackle all types of challenges that other exterior companies dare not face.

If your windows are in need of a quality makeover, look no further – we are armed (but not dangerous) with three tactics that will leave them looking good-as-new. When our estimator arrives at your property, rest assured that he will calculate the perfect technique and approach that is needed to ensure you enter the Summer months with the cleanest windows possible.

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