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Who Is Artie? Meet The 45-foot-Tall Knightsbridge Employee That Keeps Our Team Safe

At Knightsbridge, our only policy that eclipses our commitment to quality service is our dedication to safety. We work at heights, with big machines, and in tight spaces and crazy weather – all situations that have the potential to be quite dangerous without the proper procedures and training. In addition to a rigorous onboarding process, we use a variety of systems and equipment that make the job easier – and safer.

One of the key players in our safety plan is our beloved articulating Z-boom, which we have named ‘Artie’. With an arm that extends up to 45 feet in length and literal nerves of steel, Artie is one of our most important assets, particularly during gutter clearing season.

We had a hard time finding apparel that would fit Artie.

As you can imagine, operating a boom lift is far from simple – only qualified and ticketed staff are eligible to sit behind the controls. With great power comes great responsibility, so all of our boom drivers are full ticketed. Whenever these certifications are about to expire, we contact our local training provider, ProSafe First Aid, to come by our shop to take Artie for a spin and re-train the team.

Navigating Artie’s controls from 40 feet in the air whilst navigating the hills, nooks, and crannies of a strata complex requires dexterity and attention to detail. Our partner’s training program captures these traits through a mix of practical, hands-on training and written theory. The eight-hour course places an emphasis on safety – not only for the operators, but also people (and objects) on the ground.

The pictures below were taken during our last training session. On that cloudy day Artie was running at full capacity, while our site supervisors, Ramiz and Ray, sat behind the controls with confidence and focus. Each of these gentlemen finished the day with re-certified boom lift tickets - as well as obligatory high-fives from the team.

Despite it being a necessity during gutter clearing season, we find many other ways to make use of Artie throughout the year.

Any activity that involves accessing rooftops is likely to benefit in both speed and safety from the boom lift’s presence - if you have ever been curious as to how our team cleans fourth-story siding, look no further. Moss removal, roof cleaning, and even window washing projects provide the perfect scenarios to put Artie to work.

Any activities that take place on-site are accompanied by stringent safety protocols. Staff are required to always use a ground-level spotter while driving the lift. Fall protection systems and procedures are always present, while site specifications and potential hazards are reviewed in a pre-job huddle. Every member of the team, including Artie, plays a part in protecting one another as the job unfolds.

Knightsbridge’s decades-long success story can be attributed in many ways to our commitment to safety. Without the well-being of our staff and clients, we would be nothing, plain and simple. Combining in-house tools, such as Artie, with world class training helps ensure that we go beyond the status quo during our property maintenance excursions.

Although we unfortunately can’t offer rides on Artie – give us a call for any of our services, and you may get the chance to see it in action on-site.

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