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Join The Knights: Four Reasons A Career With Knightsbridge Could Be For You

Do you like keeping your communities clean and safe? How about working with a close-knit team of hard-working individuals in a setting where comradery is key?

If this is ringing any bells in your mind, you may want to consider pursuing a job or career in property maintenance.

This field offers a variety of exciting and rewarding employment opportunities. The Lower Mainland is consistently expanding, with new developments and building permit issuances increasing year-to-year. More buildings equates with more maintenance, which is where the Knightsbridge team steps in. In order to keep up with the ongoing influx of work, we make it our duty to create an engaging and positive setting for our employees.

Here are but a few of the reasons why you may want to consider joining the Knightsbridge crew:

1. Job Satisfaction

There are few industries that offer as immediate job gratification as property maintenance. The feelings of pressure washing away ten years of algae, cleaning a grimy window, or using an ATV-mounted plough to push away a fresh dump of snow, are all unparalleled. The satisfaction of witnessing the outcome of your hard work after a day in the field is an gratifying, to say the least.

A lesser known advantage to working from rooftops: In many situations, you will be working (safely) from heights. This serves as a great opportunity to start your day with the satisfaction of knowing that you are among the first people in Vancouver to catch the sunrise!

2. We Are A ‘Living Wage’ Employer

We are proud to be recognized as a ‘living wage’ employer. By investing in our staff, we build loyal employees and help contribute to our communities overall. Our starting rates are far above minimum wage, and we take extra steps to ensure that hard work is rewarded. Those that are seeking longer-term employment should always expect their compensation to increase accordingly.

3. Benefits Galore

Earning a living wage is important, but so is maintaining one’s health. As a part of our employment package, Knightsbridge provides team members with a robust benefits program. This helps cover costs associated with dentist visits, eye exams, and even massages throughout the year.

These benefits extend beyond the world of insurance coverage. Time is valuable, so we help our employees reduce their travel time to-and-from work by providing them with company vehicles. Prove yourself to be an exceptional driver, you may even benefit in the wintertime by operating one of our trusty snow-plough trucks!

Last but not least, we host quarterly team building events (digital events, since Covid). In the past this has included rock climbing, barbeques, games, and more.

4. Updated Equipment & Products

The maintenance industry is constantly changing and adapting to new trends and challenges. Our warehouse is stacked with new state-of-the-art cleaning products and hardware that ensure we can meet these challenges head-on. New employees can expect to be greeted with an array of high PSI pressure washers, extension poles, gutter vacuums, backpack sprayers and more.

Knightsbridge’s goal of creating and maintaining clean, safe neighborhoods would not be achievable without the use of eco-friendly products. A large majority of the chemicals that we use are guaranteed to cause no damage to local flora and fauna - a milestone that has yet to be achieved by our competition.

There is no better time than now to sign up with the Knightsbridge team. Property maintenance is a growing industry, and we are always looking out for individuals who want to grow with it! Although we do generally seek those with at least six months of experience, the right attitude goes a long way, and any enthusiastic newcomers will have a seat reserved in one of our trucks.

If you are interested in working with us, reach out to, or give us a call at 604-461-7684 - we are hiring year-round.

Oh, we forgot to mention, we have a loveable company mascot as well....

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