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Moss: The Green Menace (And What We Can Do About It)

Tourists and visitors in Vancouver often marvel at how 'green' our city is. This fact can be hammered home by taking a casual stroll through a typical urban neighborhood - green lawns, immaculate gardens, and groves of trees all point towards the importance that Vancouverites place on connecting our neighborhoods with nature.

As one continues their walk, they may take notice of another 'green' feature decorating the tops of homes, strata, and virtually any building with a roof. We are all familiar with this seemingly harmless living feature - moss. These small, dense clusters of plants are a staple of any damp or shady location. The West Coast boasts dozens of varieties, and they have a tendency to grow unchecked in metropolitan areas as well as forests.

If you like the look of moss and plan on integrating it into your home, well, you are making a poor choice. Despite providing rooftops with a rustic, aged quality, moss can actually cause serious damage to the properties where it is allowed to thrive. There have been many documented cases of strata across the Lower Mainland completely voiding their insurance and roofing warranties as a result of their failure to remove the growth.

Moss is the origin of a surprising number of issues, some of which can pose legitimate dangers. If you have ever touched moss, you know that it has a spongy texture to it. This analogy applies to how it reacts to water as well – any rainfall that occurs will be soaked up by the greenery. This can lead to the bloated moss seeping directly into your roof. When this gets through nooks and crannies (which, by the way, are widened by the moss’ roots), your home can face considerable water damage.

Once this leakage occurs, an entire pandora's box of trouble opens up. Mold can now grow within your home. Wood structures can start to warp and decay. The sloped roof of your building, which is intentionally designed to allow water to flow to the ground, is now compromised due to the obstructive growths. Your gutters will begin to become clogged with loose, decaying moss, leading to further problems during the rainy season. What was once a peaceful, safe home, is now slowly turning into a house of dangers. Given enough time, you may find yourself breathing in poisonous mold spores, and could potentially even face a full collapse of your roof.

Fortunately, the outstanding Knightsbridge Property Services team is well versed in moss removal and prevention. We have been treating strata, commercial, and residential buildings for decades, and our specialists continue to innovate and find new ways to tackle this problem. We take action to ensure that moss stays where it belongs – out in the forest!

Our moss removal techniques generally involve the application of one of two eco-friendly solutions. These concoctions, which are specifically designed to specifically damage moss, while leaving other living things untouched, are applied using specialized backpack sprayers. Since our team will be working at heights, we always ensure that proper fall protection is used, whether in the form of aerial lifts or roof anchors. Once these solutions have settled, we return with our handy arsenal of shingle-friendly brushes so as to clean away the residual dead moss.

If your home, strata, or business is starting to show signs of this invasive plant, it may be time to seriously consider a moss cleaning solution. This work is best performed during dry, hot summer months, so give us a call before the rainy season blows on through. Our quotes are comprehensive and focused on the specific needs of our customers. Together, we can work to keep your property safe, secure, and moss-free.

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