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Dryer Vent Cleaning: The Service That Can Save Your Home

On a cold winter’s day, the cozy feeling from wrapping up in a freshly laundered blanket or sweater is next-to-none. Ask any Canadian, and they will be quick to tout the benefits of having clean and dry clothes, particularly when the weather starts to turn sour. While most of us understand the importance of maintaining our wardrobe, not everyone may be familiar with how essential it is to maintain the structure that allows this to happen: dryer vents.

Almost every single strata or residential building is equipped with a set of external dryer vents. These frequently overlooked systems are vital components of any washer-dryer arrangement, as they remove moisture and lint from wet clothing. In expelling lint and steam to the outside world, the vents can gradually clog up over time. When left unchecked and un-maintained, the lint deposits within the system can lead to some serious property damage. Here is what you need to know:

1. Why Should I Get My Dryer Vents Cleaned?

We could write an encyclopedia on the topic, but it is much easier to summarize everything into one sentence: lint is flammable. Despite being relatively efficient at expelling excess lint, all dryer vent systems will gradually start to accumulate a fuzzy build-up over time. This seemingly harmless material is very flammable, and the slightest friction-induced spark can turn into a large blaze very quickly. Statistically, a large chunk of house fires originate from the dryer system, with lint accumulation being the principle cause.

2. When Should They Be Cleaned?

It is generally recommended that you hire someone to clean out your property’s vents at least once per year. This frequency may even increase, depending on how much you use your dryer. Large families frequently running laundry cycles may need to consider doubling their annual cleanings.

3. When Should I Be Concerned?

To prevent voiding their insurance, most strata complexes will have their dryer vents cleaned once per year. If you are a strata resident, or live in a single home, it is important to take note of the signs of your vents becoming clogged. If you experience any of the following issues, you should inform your property manager, or consider hiring a contractor right away:

  • Your dryer is flooding or overflowing with excess water

  • After completing a cycle, your clothing is abnormally hot

  • You can see excess lint sticking to your external dryer vent

  • It takes an abnormally long time for your clothes to dry

  • A burning smell emanates from your dryer after use

4. What Can Knightsbridge Do About It?

This is a question that we get asked often. The answer: we can solve your dryer vent woes using a mix of technology and teamwork! Knightsbridge Property Services has been in the maintenance game for many years, and has performed hundreds of exterior dryer vent projects all across the Lower Mainland.

To clean your vents, our crew must first access them. Depending on whether your building has anchor points, they are generally reached using ladders or a mechanical lift. Once we can get close enough, our technicians use an advanced pressurized hose system to clean the vents from the outside. The immense pressure that these machines produce will cause the excess lint to literally pop out of the vent opening. And since we’re a cleaning company, we can tidy up any residual mess in the blink of an eye.

While most people enjoy freshly laundered clothes, few enjoy structural fires and property damage. Dryer vent maintenance is an essential service that should be included within any strata or homeowner’s annual budget. If you notice any of the issues associated with clogged vents, it may be time for the Knightsbridge team to drop by for a service quote.

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