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Winter is Coming... What Strata Need to Know to Prepare for the Snow

What do ski slopes, strata complexes, and city streets have in common? In the Lower Mainland, soon it won’t matter, as they'll all be covered in snow.

cars covered in snow

In a city with a reputation for unpredictable weather, Vancouver’s long-term weather forecast has made one thing very clear: heavy snowfall is coming. While it is easy to shun such predictions, 2020’s La Niña weather patterns in the equatorial Pacific make future snowfall inevitable. Although the leaves are still on the trees, winter is coming, and property managers and strata councils should be ready to meet it head-on.

Knightsbridge Property Services already has the gears in motion to prepare for the approaching flurries, and we're sharpening our snow shovels and revving our ploughs in anticipation. We have been in the exterior cleaning and snow clearing business for many years, and have put together some valuable information that will help you and your property get ready for what’s to come.

Here’s what you need to know about snow removal (and how we can help):

Know The What’s-What Of Your Complex

Prior to engaging with a snow removal contractor, we recommend that all councils and property managers check their strata plans and bylaws to concretely determine what is considered to be common property. These areas, by default, should be maintained and cleared by a professional team.

Not All Strata Are The Same

Every complex is unique, and therefore requires unique snow clearing strategies. Although it is recommended that all common areas be maintained by an independent contractor, there are likely sections of limited common property that may require their attention as well. While owners are generally responsible for clearing their own driveways, complexes with elderly residents may want to consider having a snow removal company take care of these sections to prevent unnecessary stress or injury.

Walk-Throughs Are Important

If you want to maximize Knightsbridge’s value, consider organizing a walk-through with our Operations Managers. During these inspections, we can work together to determine areas that could benefit from the placement of equipment for strata residents to use. This equipment can include buckets of deicer, snow shovels, and more. While we will attend every site in a timely manner, it never hurts to have extra supplies for when the snowstorms strike.

shoveling snow

Be Mindful Of Drains And Flat Roofs

It is vital that all property stakeholders are well versed in the locations of on-site drains. When not properly attended, they can become plugged with snow, which can lead to serious floods and water ingress. Flat roofs are another potential source of meltwater troubles, as they are often not designed for longevity during periods of heavy snow. Make sure that you, your contractor, and all residents are aware of these areas so that they can be prioritized. Strata complexes with many flat roofed buildings may also want to consider having those cleared as part of the standard service.

Stay Safe!

When winter strikes, councils and property managers alike should take special care to educate and warn residents of dangerous areas – namely those where slips and falls may occur. Staircases, parkade entrances, and curbs are ‘the usual suspects’, but also be mindful of slippery surfaces such as vinyl decks or entryways.

With Vancouverites collectively dusting off their winter gear for the inevitably chilly winter, now is the time for strata to act and assemble a cohesive plan to tackle the snowfall. Knightsbridge Property Services has been an all-star in the snow removal and de-icing business for many years, and our team is more than happy to provide a walkthrough, quote, or general advice. We look forward to working together!

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