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De-Icer: How This Simple Substance Keeps Our City Safe

The air is crispy and clean. Tow truck operators anxiously eye down the tire chains in their

garages. As the North Shore mountains gradually acquire their dust of snow, the people of

Vancouver sit in anticipation, knowing that soon their entire city will receive the same slippery coating.

While wintertime in the Lower Mainland can certainly offer a flurry of excitement, it also presents its residents with some serious dangers. Thousands of slip and fall injuries are reported nation-wide every year, with the main culprit being icy pavement and steps.

To put it simply - when temperatures drop, people can too.

In order to alleviate potential accidents or injuries among residents and tenants, strata and commercial properties should all take measures to minimize the appearance of frost and ice. This process begins with choosing a reliable contractor. This contractor should be intimately familiar with weather patterns, as well as proper de-icer procedures and products.

Knightsbridge has been in the snow removal game for over a decade, and our winter planning begins as early in the year as July. One of the most essential components of our snow and ice operation is quality de-icer. For this season, our crews are equipped with the best of the best eco-friendly ice removal products.

Although the word ‘salt’ gets tossed around a lot during the cold months, high quality de-icer actually contains only trace amounts of traditional table salt. Compared to our products, salt is much cheaper, and it can also severely damage plants and animals, cause stains, and leave untreated pavement covered in pockmarks and scars. Knightsbridge’s choice melter does none of the above, and is guaranteed to reduce the hazards of snow and ice.

knightsbridge premium de-icer

When tackling inclement weather head-on, it is important to know when to apply de-icer. Timing is key, and anyone looking to successfully combat icy conditions must keep a watch on the weather. As soon as the forecast calls for temperatures that drop below zero, it is time to button up and lay down a layer of ice melt. Be mindful that humid conditions can cause ice to form at temperatures slightly above the freezing point. Although our de-icer does last for several days in dry conditions, it is always recommended that an extra layer is applied after any rain or snowfall.

Knightsbridge Property Services is committed to not only preserving property value, but also the well-being of our clients, neighbours, and friends. If you are looking to hire a reliable contractor to take care of your winter weather needs, give our team a call. Note that we also sell bags of our premium de-icer individually for only $22.95. We will even help you carry the heavy bags to your vehicle.

Winter is coming, so stay safe Vancouver!

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